Paradox at the Heart of Reality

“There’s a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”

- Leonard Cohen

In this simple yet poignant line Leonard states the truth with the elegant simplicity befitting the poet he is.

Every single thing in the world of form is incomplete. There is a perfect imperfection in any object or concept. The delightful and dynamic potential of $100, for example, is collapsed into a single object or service when you spend it. You can not have the freedom of the money and the stability of that which it buys at the same time.

Our lives in the realm of duality are steeped in paradox like this. Self and Other. Objects and the space between them. Manifest reality and the potential from whence it flows. This fundamental duality gives rise to the “crack” in all things that Cohen is Talking about. Continue reading

Follow Your Bliss. . . More or Less.

How many times have we heard the immortal words of Joseph Campbell? His encouragement echoes loudly through the New Age community and it’s simple wisdom undergirds so many of our day to day conversations, goals and methods.

We use this advice to seek our life’s purpose and sometimes even give it the same exalted status as the Buddhist concept of Right Livelihood. As mistaken as that might be, the idea that following your bliss is the path to happiness is almost universal in the new age community, and it’s easy to see why.

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Life as a Mirror

Have you ever had someone tell you that life is a mirror of your consciousness? Or that we are each mirrors of each other?

Have you also noticed that even though you NEVER cut people off in traffic, some people still cut YOU off, and sometimes blatantly and intentionally?

Very often this mirror idea has been twisted from it’s original meaning to fit into a symmetrical understanding based on the Law of Attraction, namely that your consciousness actively creates the reality that you experience.

However, that is kind of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole and one of the reasons it can seem so untrue sometimes is that the Law of Attraction is not really where this particular teaching belongs.

The idea that life is a mirror of our consciousness is often misunderstood and today I wanted to go back to the great traditions for some teachings that might shed some light on the true meaning of this common saying.
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Creating a life of purpose

There are a lot of smart people out there telling you all the wrong things about your life’s purpose.

Maybe that’s a little harsh. I guess they’re not telling you the wrong things per se, perhaps I should say they are telling you the part you want to hear. It’s great because they are wetting your appetite for living a life that is on fire. However, it is generally with the promise that you simply have to do the things that make you happy.

It sounds great doesn’t it? Just do the stuff that you like doing and voila! You are living a life of purpose!

Of course, a life of purpose is supposed to bring financial prosperity, good relationships and spiritual wisdom. . .

So what gives? Continue reading

Overcoming The Pain of Empathy

Let’s talk a little bit about the expansion of individual awareness and the increasing depth in consciousness that we experience on our journey through life.

First we need to differentiate between empathy and sympathy.

Sympathy comes about from, and is developed through, suffering. We can sympathize with someone because we have experienced similar situations and can understand degrees of intensity. While we may never have been homeless we can sympathize, because we have been lonely, lost, poor or otherwise in a difficult situation and we can multiply that experience in our mind to have some approximation of what homelessness might be like. Continue reading

Meet the Artists & Practitioners of Evolve April 18, 2014

Meet the Artists & Practitioners of Evolve
6-9pm Friday April 18, 2014

We love to gather with you and exchange inspiration, support, joy and overall life with one another! Every Third Friday join us at Evolve for a party to meet our talented Artists and Teachers with vegetarian faire catered by Expressly Leslie’s Vegetarian. SPECIAL~~~THIS NIGHT ONLY~clearing inventory to make space for a huge new shipment of stones, so join us for this party and receive 11% off ALL STONES this night only~

For this Third Friday we have Ruth Flett, artist and Cheryl Voss, jewelry artist as well as Catherine Filarski Intuitive Guidance reader here to meet you and teach you about their gifts of celebrating life and the world.

From Cheryl~Leather Lovers: I’ll be unveiling a new collection of better-than-ever leather cuff bracelets and keychains in all colors at the April 18 trunk show at Evolve in Crystal Lake. The silky cashmerino wool felt accents are the perfect touch, and are completely interchangeable with all other PEACES magnets. How cool!!
If you can’t make the trunk show, come see PEACES at THE FAMOUS 4th Friday Art Show at the Starline Gallery in Harvard on April 25.

Ruth Flett will be here also with prints of her original works available. Visual Artist, comedy writer and philosopher. She is a multi-artist from the Midwest United States who will take you on a psychedelic journey into her colorful world. You will laugh, you will cry and you will find reasons life is worth living. Ruth is a funny woman who will make you think.
Visual Art: Ruth has worked professionally as a Fine Artist creating unique and original energetic paintings and drawings for art buyers to collect all over the world since 1998. Ruth’s artwork has been featured in Lake Geneva, WI boutiques, Chicago fine art shows, The Starline Art Gallery in Harvard, and now EVOLVE in Crystal Lake, IL as well as private residences. Ruth volunteers for the The Starline Gallery in Harvard, IL as a fine artist and volunteer at events which are held on the 4th Friday of every month.

Bring the balance of the divine Feminine into your every expression

Connect, Love, Nurture

Love is All

Feel, Know, Love

Catherine Filarski will also be here to teach us about Intuitive Guidance that she offers.

“We are in a time of great awakening. We are meant to live joy and in full consciousness of our Divine soul self.”

Catherine’s primary focus during intuitive guidance sessions is to help you to awaken to your own natural and inherent divine gifts. Today, many people are feeling a shift, as if things are not the same as they used to be. Many are experiencing changes and challenges in their life like never before. There are reasons for this and Catherine helps you to understand the meaning of your life from a much deeper and broader perspective.

Catherine’s Healing Specialties
Catherine is a professional Property and Soul Clearing Practitioner and in 2000 received a calling to facilitate clearing work. Since then, she has helped hundreds of clients and has facilitated thousands of clearings all over the world.
What does it mean to be a property clearing practitioner?
Catherine is a trained facilitator to release negative energies within a home, building or office. This also includes ghosts, spirits and other influences that may be creating havoc for an individual or family.

In addition to Property Clearing, Catherine is also a Soul Clearing practitioner. Soul Clearing releases blocks and restrictions and allows for forward movement with greater ease. The soul clearing process helps you to understand that you are a spiritual being in a physical body, having a physical experience on this planet. Catherine provides grounded and practical advice, helping you to reconnect with All That Is.
Catherine also provides educational presentations to organizations and groups. Her website is and To schedule an appointment with Catherine at Evolve, call her directly at 847-242-1662.

Join us~6-9pm drop in and have a great evening with us!